Abu Ghosoun Water Bank

  • Start Date: May 2019
  • End Date: Ongoing
  • Location: Abu Ghosoun Village
  • Target Group: The Local Residents of Abu Ghosoun
  • No of Beneficiaries: Abu Ghosoun village community
  • Project Description: Water scarcity in Abu Ghosoun is a big issue. Residents usually purchase about 2 barrels of water per month. 1 barrel contains 100 liters of water, and usually costs about 55 EGP. A water storage unit was established by the generous support of the American University in Cairo through a development initiative led by Dr. Hani Sewilam. The NGO now assumes the responsibility of operating this unit as a Water Bank to provide purified drinking water to the local people of the Village. The NGO is responsible for buying and storing water in five large tanks (total capacity of 50 m2). This will increase the availability of purified water at the village and will reduce the existing transport problems due to the village heavily relying on portable water being transferred from Aswan.
  • Impact: Improving the local community’s access to clean and purified drinking water.



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